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Thursday, September 10, 2015

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I'll be tweeting about the second half of the NFL season opener.

Brady has done what he wanted, when he wanted. It's been an absolute clinic thus far. Edelman is gonna have 15 catches. Too easy! Steelers just don't have the skilled players on D to stop this attack. Gronk in beast mode.

Big Ben and the Steelers' offense is moving the ball, but is faltering around the 30. 2 missed field goals don't help. Antonio Brown still a fantasy stud minus Bell and Bryant.

Pats just scored again. 21-3. This can get ugly. Steelers need 6 on ensuing drive.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

NXT delivers an amazing show in Brooklyn

I was in attendance Saturday night for NXT and words can't describe how electric the atmosphere was. Many people I've spoken to, or just read on Facebook, felt it was reminiscent of an ECW crowd. WWE has a history of embellishing attendance numbers, but whatever the final number was--you heard every single voice express their love for the product.

NXT taped their weekly network show prior to the start of Takeover. Now while the internet community barked about Enzo and Cass not being on the main card, the crowd didn't let that stop them from a rousing ovation when their music played. People talk about crowds popping, well, I'm not sure if it could've been any louder for those two.

And, when Enzo started with his signature... "My name is Enzo Amore ..." the crowd knew every word and was the loudest when everyone spelled it out for ya... S A W F T... SAWWWWWWFT. You couldn't help but feel that you were apart of something special.

During the entire match the crowd chanted something. "How you doin?" was heard numerous times. Often times smart fans will say their main purpose for going to a show is to get their favorite wrestler(s) over. If that was the goal of this crowd, they succeeded in every sense of the word.

I was thinking bout Enzo and Cass and who they remind me of. Two teams come to mind. 1. PG 13. Enzo is essentially a Jamie Dundee (JC Ice) clone. Cass doesn't have any comparison to Wolfie D, so that's where it ends.

2. The New Age Outlaws. Enzo comes out just like Road Dog and gets the crowd going with numerous sayings. And, Cass says as much as Billy Gunn did with the same reaction.

Conversely to how the crowed roared for Enzo and Cass, the hatred for Eva Marie was equally as loud, if not louder. Let's be honest, WWE has invested a lot into her character, so regardless of how bad she is in the ring, they will continue to force feed her down our throats. Nothing we can really do about it. Well, upon second thought, zero reaction is more likely to eliminate a push than heel heat.

For those unaware, prior to the start of Takeover going on-air, Triple H came out and thanked the crowd for their support. He then politely asked for the crowd to be silent as he wanted to turn out the lights and make it appear it was only him in the building.

However, morons and idiots simply couldn't oblige, and not only wouldn't stay silent, but chanted inappropriate things such a Chris Benoit. I even heard some fool yell out "you banged Chyna." Ok, that was kinda funny.

Triple H actually told us as he was asking for our silence that the people in the back didn't think it would work. They were right!

I know there's been a public outcry over Tyler Breeze jobbing to a 50 year-old Jushin Thunder Liger. I'm actually surprised Breeze didn't win, but it doesn't bother me, nor does it hurt any subsequent push. Losing to a legend isn't going to tarnish your name. I do wonder if Liger only agreed to appear if he went over. Liger has done jobs in ROH, so he will put people over.

Another cool moment that just blew me away happened at the start of the tag titles match. Alexa Bliss was in the face of the Vaudvillains when suddenly the crowd starts chanting "we want Bluepants." And what happens? Out comes Bluepants to the second loudest pop of the night. Yes, it's true. The crowd actually chanted "Bluepants City." She turned, looked at the crowd and smiled.

It's about time they took the belts off Blake and Murphy. I'd rather watch paint dry. Plus, the Vaudvillains are entertaining and good in the ring.

Samoa Joe beating Baron Corbin allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. It would've made me nauseous had Corbin won clean. Corbin has potential, but he still has a lot of work to do.

In arguably the greatest women's title match of all-time, Bayley pulled the upset dethroning Sasha Banks. This match had it all. It was perfectly executed throughout. So many sick spots. The reverse hurricanrana off the top rope warranted the "holy shit" chant.

That spot was so dangerous, even someone like me, who's seen it all, cringed when Sasha's neck and head hit the canvas. You're talking paralysis if that goes wrong. I'm inclined to believe that we'll never see that move in WWE. Vince would say it's too risky. Triple H allowed it and it paid off. Just a great match. It was also likely Sasha Banks' last match in NXT, so it was bitter sweet for the crowd.

No surprise that Balor and Owens would have a great title match. Both are phenomenal workers who click in the ring together. So many sick spots in the match, including the double foot stomp from the ladder for the win. Just like Banks, that was likely Owens' last match in NXT.

With so many people being promoted to the main roster, Triple H will now be challenged to create new main event talent. Clearly Joe vs Balor is on the horizon. Hideo Itami is on his way back from injury, as is Sami Zayn. Let's see what's next for NXT. Breaking Sports News